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Let’s Dive Into It!

Happy Monday dear subscribers! In today’s Newsletter, Trump shows good crypto vibes!

In today’s bulletin, we are covering:

  • Surfing the Market, with analysis about Mid Caps Index and XRP
  • Don’t miss the News about Ethereum ETF, and Trump freeing Ross Ulbricht
  • The Artificial Super Intelligence Alliance is under the spotlight.
  • Short article about Stock split, & Crypto?
  • Our selection of the best Gems on X

We can see how the Mid Caps Index has been pushing over the weekend and continues scratching the main resistance, hunting for a key breakout which would lead the bull reversal:

XRP continues pushing for the bullish reversal on the 54 cents range but unable to do so…not confident on it for now:

Michael Saylor’s Revised View on Spot Ether ETFs and Its Implications for Bitcoin

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor has shifted his stance on spot Ether ETFs, recognizing that their approval by the U.S. SEC is advantageous for Bitcoin. He believes this will accelerate institutional adoption of crypto assets, with Bitcoin remaining the dominant choice among investors.

  • Saylor sees SEC approval of spot Ether ETFs as beneficial for Bitcoin.
  • Approval will accelerate the institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin is expected to receive the majority of institutional investment.
  • Saylor’s previous scepticism about SEC approval has changed.
  • The wider crypto community has noted Saylor’s shift in perspective.

Saylor had previously doubted SEC approval of spot Ether ETFs but now sees them as beneficial, providing additional support for Bitcoin.

Trump Vows Pardon for Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht if Re-elected

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has promised to grant a presidential pardon to Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht if he is re-elected. Ulbricht, who created the first modern darknet market with Bitcoin payments, was convicted in 2015 and sentenced to two life terms plus forty years without parole. Trump, speaking at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention, also expressed his support for cryptocurrency, pledging to ensure the future of Bitcoin and other digital assets in the USA, and to protect the rights of crypto holders.

  • Donald Trump pledges a presidential pardon for Ross Ulbricht if re-elected.
  • Ross Ulbricht created Silk Road in 2011, operating under the username “Dread Pirate Roberts.”
  • Ulbricht was convicted in 2015 and sentenced to two life terms plus forty years without parole.
  • Trump expresses strong support for cryptocurrency, promising to support Bitcoin and ensure its future in the USA.
  • Trump promises to protect crypto holders, supporting their right to self-custody and opposing centralization efforts.

Trump, speaking at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention, also expressed his support for cryptocurrency, pledging to ensure the future of Bitcoin and other digital assets in the USA, and to protect the rights of crypto holders.

Artificial Super Intelligence Alliance

Today under the spotlight we bring the Artificial Super Intelligence Alliance! It could be a MARVEL movie, but actually, it is a crypto project.

This alliance of three projects on the AI narrative brings together the technologies of their respective companies in the pursuit of Superintelligence, and also their capital and market cap. Let’s have a look.

This is what each one is putting on the table:

  • Fetch.ai ($FET) advanced autonomous AI agents and blockchain infrastructure
  • SingularityNET ($AGIX) rich R&D heritage in AI development and integration
  • Ocean Protocol ($OCEAN) data sharing and monetization

The ASI Alliance efforts as a merged organization composed of three hubs and an associated decentralized community is based on three pillars:

  1. Build ASI. They focus in build decentralized Artificial Superintelligence for humanity and for the future
  2. Show apps, unify stack. They wanna show the public the applications of decentralized AI that can make an impact today, for applications in business and retail use cases, and use the applications as the driver towards a unified decentralized AI stack
  3. Scale (decentralized) compute. AI, AGI and ASI need compute at a massive scale. They intend to use the scale of $ASI to aggressively grow compute for decentralized AI.

For the holders of any of the three tokens, it has been designed in a way that the transition will be simple and with no need to rush.

Tokens automatically will change their name to $ASI in the exchanges (CEX) and if you hold them in a self custody wallet, can continue to hold them as before or use the token swap mechanism at any time to allow the exchange for $ASI token.

This are the ratios that are going to be applied:

  • $FET becomes $ASI with a supply of 2.63055 billion tokens at 1:1
  • $AGIX converts to $ASI at 0.433350:1
  • $OCEAN converts to $ASI at 0.433226:1

This merger was approved by vote to all three communities and is expected to push the ASI token into the top 20 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, around $7.5 Billion with 2.631 Billion tokens.

Have a great monthly close! See you again in June 🙂

Stock split, & Crypto?

The recent split announcement by $NVDA, one of the most important companies on Wall Street, brings this concept back to the table. Let’s see what it is, why it happens, how it works, and how crypto has solved this issue from the start.

When a company performs a stock split, it is essentially a reduction in its trading price when it reaches very high levels.

If a stock rises significantly, it becomes increasingly expensive to buy a unit, leaving out retail investors. For example, NVDA currently trades around 1000 USD, meaning if you have 500 USD, you couldn’t invest in this company.

Through a split, in this case, 10-for-1, for every NVDA share an investor holds at the cut-off date, they will receive 10 shares, and correspondingly, the trading price will be reduced proportionally.

Holding 5 shares at a market value of 1000 USD = portfolio value of 5000 USD

After the split, we will have 50 shares at a trading price of 100 USD = portfolio value of 5000 USD

As we can see, the split does not affect our investment; on the contrary, it has several positive effects, which is why the market always celebrates these announcements with price increases before the cut-off date.

On one hand, retail investors who can now afford to buy shares will push the price up, and on the other, many less-informed investors see that the stock that used to trade at 1000 is now at 100 and rush to buy, believe it or not, this really happens!

There is also a psychological component that makes a stock with a lower price more attractive than one with a very high price, creating the perception that it’s more likely to go from 100 to 1000 than from 1000 to 10000.

Conversely, there is also the reverse split, which occurs when the trading price is very low, aiming to reduce the number of circulating shares.

Holding 500 shares at a market value of 1 USD = portfolio value of 500 USD

After the reverse split, 1-for-50 for example, we will have 10 shares at a trading price of 50 USD = holding value of 500 USD

The reasons for a reverse split include the risk of delisting if a stock’s price falls too low (below 1 USD), exclusion from options trading due to a low price, and increasing market attention.

So, a split is done by a company whose price keeps rising and a reverse split by one whose price has fallen significantly, making the former a positive signal and the latter not as much.

And are there splits in crypto? NO. It is unnecessary because crypto solved this problem from the start.

It would be logical to think that BTC needs a split since very few people could buy a unit at 70K. To solve this, BTC is divided into satoshis, meaning 1 BTC has 100 million sats, allowing investment in BTC with a very small amount like 1 dollar.

An interesting fact, for one sat to be worth 1 cent, BTC must trade at 1 million USD!

This also applies to other cryptocurrencies, making them accessible to anyone who wants to own a part of one.

As we can see, crypto has democratized the possibility of investing, solving a problem in advance without relying on a protocol to announce a price reduction to invest in it.

Get ready for the ETH ETF wave

Bitcoin continues dominating

What if…

Don’t sleep on the market and have a great day!



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