Survival guide on dump times for Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies

  • Books will always be better than Twitter. Static knowledge is emotionless and fear-poof. Some of my favourites:
  • There is no need to trade every single day or week. Overtrading will generate losses. You will make 80% of your gains during bull runs. During the rest of the time, the focus should shift to capital preservation.
  • Be humble; not as a way of life (there is no need to go on with the slave-moral heritage). Be humble with yourself, instead. Discover your limitations and design a strategy accordingly.
  • You don’t need always to be up with every tiny detail of the price action. There is nothing wrong with reading charts. Just make sure to remain flexible so you can respond promptly to any scenario. Many people are obsessed with being updated with the price action in every candle of every single timeframe. But sometimes the scene is uncertain, and that’s it. There is no need to risk your capital on a weak trade.
  • Don’t invest more than you are willing to lose. It’s a very well known mistake, still hitting a good chunk of people anyway. Trades must be opened and closed when the right times come, not just when you need money. The market isn’t tailored to your needs.
  • Trying to apply risk management after every asset dumped hard is like being late at the party. Risk management and diversification in USDT or BTC must be planned when the market is going up with the aim to build a cushion for the future dumps. There is no endless bull-run (unless you are a central bank).
  • When it’s not the right time to enter into any trade, spend your time wisely by studying TA and FA, research good projects, getting a grasp on how mining works etc. Create connections and share your ideas with friends. If the right people surround you, it’s possible to improve yourself significantly by backtesting your strategies and receiving feedback from other traders.
  • Develop patience and endure your nerves. Emotions always lead to radical decisions. It’s better to consider the scale of greys rather than look at everything with an absolutistic “black vs white” approach. Even if your opinion is clear, keep your mind open and accept the eventuality to be wrong.
  • Travel, meet new people, cultures, taste new foods and enjoy new landscapes. All these experience will contribute to keeping your mind open to new possibilities.
  • Be sceptical of every info that you gather on social networks and media;
  • Practice patience and trade only when needed, because the market isn’t aware of your necessities;
  • Take your time to analyse all the potential scenarios and use a flexible approach.



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Crypto Rand

Crypto Rand


Investor & Trader. CEO of Blockground Capital. Based between Andorra and Bangkok.