Latium, the blockchain bridge

  • Being able to solve problems.
  • Mainstream scalability.
  • Commited and experienced team.
  • Fluent and transparent communication.
  • Timed and solid roadmap.
  • Offers an added value in contrast to other rivals.
  • Stay tuned with the context of the industry level and development.

Being able to solve problems

Indeed Latium is addressing not just one but five problems. From the lack of real world adoption of cryptocurrencies to the lack of transparency, efficiency and trustable reputation system in the market.

Mainstream scalability

Latium responds to real market needs. Take the best from blockchain and works as a bridge with the real world’s demands. The app gets rid of technical labyrinths and messy configurations, provides a friendly and intuitive interface that enables everyone to enjoy the services without any special requirement. At the same time, it provides interesting features to engage the mass public, such as:

  • Group projects.
  • Chat system.
  • Task search system.
  • Real time payments.
  • Transparent reputation system.
  • Future implementation of other cryptocurrencies and Fiat.

Commited and experienced team

No project can succeed without a qualified team. Commitment and experience will be key players in the development of any project. Because no successful road is easy, it is mandatory to count on a commited team willing to solve any problem and keep adding value to the project in further stages. The names of Latium team speak for themselves.

Fluent and transparent communication

The team provides constant updates through their multiple social platforms. Being all the members fully accessible anytime to solve any question regarding the project. An exercise of transparency that is fully appreciated in this sphere where the lack of communication is one of the biggest issues. You can get in touch with the team in the next social networks :

Timed and solid roadmap

Offers an added value

As mentioned, Latium constitutes the first platform providing a real bridge between cryptocurrencies and real life tasks. The transparent and trustless environment works as perfect catalyst to host employers and employees’ needs.

Stay tuned with the context of the industry level and development

The mobile payment industry is blooming like no other. Being its revenue expected to cross the trillion of dollars in USA by 2019.



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