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Every day a lot of mails sent by blockchain companies appear in my inbox. Some of them offering me to work with them as advisor. Until now I had not accept any collaboration at all with any of them because of a simple reason: I do not support and I will not support any project I do not fully believe in. Personally speaking, the successful blockchain project has to meet the next key points:

  • Being able to solve problems.
  • Mainstream scalability.
  • Commited and experienced team.
  • Fluent and transparent communication.
  • Timed and solid roadmap.
  • Offers an added value in contrast to other rivals.
  • Stay tuned with the context of the industry level and development.

There are dozens of new blockchain projects blooming every day. Nevertheless, if you apply the previous filter you will see that luckily just a 2–5% meet these key points.

Thanks to Yan, two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get to know David Johnson, CEO and founder of Latium. I deal with CEOs, developers and investors in a daily basis, and I have to say his approach to crypto and the blockchain ecosystem is one step ahead of the mass. After talking with him about the Latium project and how it fits in the blockchain puzzle I decided to finally accept the offer of working as advisor for a company. Here my reasons for that decision.

Being able to solve problems

Indeed Latium is addressing not just one but five problems. From the lack of real world adoption of cryptocurrencies to the lack of transparency, efficiency and trustable reputation system in the market.

Latium creates a user friendly market where anyone willing to complete a task is rewarded with LATX tokens. In the same way, the users can create tasks by using LATX and pay with them for the execution of the tasks. This generates an easy but accessible ecosystem which approaches the use of cryptocurrencies to everyone.

Latium generates a labor network of transparency, free of divergent regulations which ended working as a barrier for employees and employers interests. The Latium labor market enables both parts to apply for tasks globally and track the progress of it in order to check if the standards or the task are being fulfilled.

One of the most interesting points of the projects comes from the reputation system. An automatized score that gets rid of perspectives and subjectivity. Providing a fair and transparent evaluation. Every task impacts on the user score, enabling an objective and systematic way to seize the labor force and highlight yourself across the offer.

The Latium platform also allows a fast payment system, as fast as it is on real time. Ending with long delays and frustrating problems. LATX networks operates in real time and the quick payment is part of the global reputation score.

Last but not least, Latium generates a true market demand for cryptocurrencies out of speculation. LATX tokens have a real utility working as currency of the platform. So its value will be correlated to the adoption of the platform and not the speculation.

Mainstream scalability

Latium responds to real market needs. Take the best from blockchain and works as a bridge with the real world’s demands. The app gets rid of technical labyrinths and messy configurations, provides a friendly and intuitive interface that enables everyone to enjoy the services without any special requirement. At the same time, it provides interesting features to engage the mass public, such as:

  • Group projects.
  • Chat system.
  • Task search system.
  • Real time payments.
  • Transparent reputation system.
  • Future implementation of other cryptocurrencies and Fiat.

Latium not only provides a response to the new stage of social development where the citizens are global, demanding and dynamic, but also all the advantages of a blockchain core without the technical difficulties. This way, it is possible to cover this powerful engine with user friendly features and design.

Commited and experienced team

No project can succeed without a qualified team. Commitment and experience will be key players in the development of any project. Because no successful road is easy, it is mandatory to count on a commited team willing to solve any problem and keep adding value to the project in further stages. The names of Latium team speak for themselves.

David Johnson, the founder and CEO has more than 25 years of experience in Fintech development and more than 20 years in Business Management. Completing this experienced and professional team we found skilled graphic designers and developers. Moreover, collaborating as advisors with this project we have great personalities like John McAfee, Bob Slade, Kate Kurbanova and Chris Kern.

You can read more information about the team by clicking here and hovering the mouse over their profiles.

Fluent and transparent communication

The team provides constant updates through their multiple social platforms. Being all the members fully accessible anytime to solve any question regarding the project. An exercise of transparency that is fully appreciated in this sphere where the lack of communication is one of the biggest issues. You can get in touch with the team in the next social networks :

Timed and solid roadmap

A new roadmap is being developed at this time and will be updated soon.

Offers an added value

As mentioned, Latium constitutes the first platform providing a real bridge between cryptocurrencies and real life tasks. The transparent and trustless environment works as perfect catalyst to host employers and employees’ needs.

The reputation system sets a new standard in the rating market. While the actual industry is full of fake and paid reviews, Latium will solve this by the implementation of an automatized algorithm which rates and weights several factors in order to provide a fair score. The system provides a single number so users can assess easily without digging into research to check the reliability of the ratings.

The transfers in real time also shoot down a common barrier. Making the environment and network more trustable, flexible and dynamic.

Stay tuned with the context of the industry level and development

The mobile payment industry is blooming like no other. Being its revenue expected to cross the trillion of dollars in USA by 2019.

The race in Europe is also looking quite promising, continuing a non-stop rising trend increasing from 2015’s total of $58 billion to $165 billion by 2021. Also a survey by NTT DATA Consulting and Ingenico ePayments found that 43% of businesses with revenue growth of 11% each year have an app that allows purchases and payments.

If we take a look to the online labour market, there are several reasons to be more than confident. A Glassdoor research reports that a 90% of jobseekers uses the mobile phone to look for job. Annually more than 18.5M people are hired from online jobs postings, having 4M of job positions posted every month.

Latium responds to the demands of a new market, more flexible, more dynamic, trustless and international.

Thanks for your time

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