Interview with the CEO of COTI

How would you describe the main pillars of the product?

What is your team strength?

Tell us more about your Defi product: Crypto Volatility Index. How did you come up with this product and how do COTI as a company and CVI as a project relate to each other?

  • Buy a position in the index if they believe volatility in crypto is about to grow, as a speculation or as a hedge for their portfolio
  • Become a platform liquidity provider to earn fees whether they feel that volatility will decrease or remain the same.
  • Protect their position as liquidity providers on DEXs like Uniswap against impermanent loss (caused by major fluctuations in assets price, regardless of the direction)
  • Earn $GOVI on all of the above

What can you tell us about the partners backing you up?

About the future; Do you have any development plans you’d like to share?

What’s the added value of COTI in comparison with other competitors?

How are you aiming to provide scalability to your service?

What makes COTI different from other crypto projects?

What made your staking program so popular and how is it different from other staking programs?

  • COTI’s staking reward model is based on the merchant’s׳ transaction volume processed on the Trustchain, generating fees for node operators and stakers. Therefore, with an ever-growing merchant’s׳ transaction volume, the staking program can only grow with time.
  • COTI’s staking program is one of the most rewarding programs out there and the staking 3.0 program allows each participant to stake more COTI and earn more rewards. The following table summarizes the staking classes and guaranteed rewards of community nodes:
  • We are limiting the number of nodes to make it profitable for operators and stakers
  • There is a tremendous demand to stake COTI. We opened the staking 3.0 application on February 11th, and since then, over 350M COTI in demand to be staked!

What else can your infrastructure be used for?




Investor & Trader. CEO of Blockground Capital. Based between Andorra and Bangkok.

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Crypto Rand

Crypto Rand

Investor & Trader. CEO of Blockground Capital. Based between Andorra and Bangkok.

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