Interview with TE-FOOD team ($TFD)

  • Governments need real time insight of the food demand and supply of regions. It might seem strange, but in a lot of country they don’t have any such insight.
  • On the emerging markets, the growing middle class puts bigger pressure on governments to decrease food frauds.
  • Outbreaks happen very often in the developed countries as well. Farm-to-table fresh food traceability could literally save lives by reducing the path to find the source of contamination to seconds, instead of weeks.
  • Products of certain geographical indications and traditional specialties (e.g. Prosciutto from Tuscany region, Feta cheese from Greece, Wyoming premium beef) are often tampered on foreign markets. Farm-to-table traceability can provide a proof of origin.
  • Traceability can also help to prove that special products are really what they state: bio, halal, kosher, non-GM, local, etc.
  • As more countries implement stricter food import regulations (like the FDA Food Safety
    Modernization Act), traceability data is often required. This forces farms and food producers to implement such systems, otherwise they lose their export markets.
  • Iridium — a virtual node, where node operators can rent out their TFD token licences.
  • Steel — masternode to run interfaces (between TE-FOOD client and its own blockchain or a third-party blockchain (e.g. Vechain, WaltonChain).
  • Platinum — masternode to provide interfaces and validate transactions on TE-FOOD’s own blockchain.
  • Titanium — masternode to run all services of TE-FOOD.



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