Interview with Tap Project team

How would you describe the main pillars of the company?

The main pillars of our company are actually in our projects purpose statement:

⦁ Fueled by gamers: Our entire team is made up of gamers, we are the ones that have spent countless hours in front of your favorite gaming console, computer, or mobile device. We all remember battling other kids in Street Fighter in the arcades, fighting for the right to stay at the game until defeated. Then going homes to play games like Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania and Contra on our trusty Nintendo.

Inspired by the community: We stay very well connected to our community because we understand that similar to game publishers, without a well supportive community, we have nothing. So we like to chat with our users, investors, contributors. We maintain an always open communication channel throughout all our social media platforms. Our community members are always happy to see how active we are in telegram and we want to keep it that way.

⦁ Disruptive to all: This is a game changer in the gaming industry. The ability for your everyday ordinary gamer to benefit from the thing they love to do, play games. They don’t have to worry about trading skins or entering large tournaments, all they have to do its play and collect.

What’s the role of the tokens at Tap project?

The token plays a utilitarian role on the platform, in the sense that users are required to hold 5000 Tap Coins to gain access to the platform and games. Once on the platform gamers can convert their in game digital currencies (earned or premium) into Tap Coins. Additionally, gamers can transfer their digital currencies into other games and continue to grow their wallets. The Tap Coin also goes one step further and provides a proof of stake method of payment for users that we refer to as a “Drip Bonus”. Those that hold over 250K Tap coins receive a daily drip bonus of .25% in Tap Coins, this can amount to over $500 a month.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

If we had to pick out the 2 most visible strengths for the Tap Project team, it would be ambition and grit. Unlike, other projects that either spun off of current real world ideas or had a large financial backing coming in, we are different. We are the only project doing it this way and we built it from scratch and pushed the project with personal finances that allowed us to successfully hit our soft cap and only then did we start to use contribution funds to push the project even further. It takes plenty of grit to push a project from founding state, to team state, to community state, to eventually global state and that is what we intend to do.

Thinking about the future, do you have any roadmap with relevant upgrades?

Yes we do, our roadmap is currently on our website Within our roadmap there are many small channels, but we’ve grouped them into 4 larger stages at the moment, Morpheus, Trinity, Neo & Zion. We continually update our roadmap with progress or adjustments as we realize that our project must maintain flexibility in order to truly achieve our goals.

What’s the added value of Tap Project in comparison with other competitors?

A Lot of other projects or tokens in the gaming space have focused on one of the many key areas of gaming and that is the conversion of digital assets, or skins to cryptocurrencies. Gameflip, Skincoin, Enjin Coin, and many more are looking to pave the way with conversions of digital assets. The Tap Project is not looking to entire this space but rather to direct its attention to a specific target, digital currencies. The Tap Project looks to perfect the conversion mechanism for earned and premium digital currencies (points, gold, in game tokens). With little to no competition focusing on digital currency conversion the Tap Project does not have to compete but can co-exist in this space which is already dominated by outside businesses such as Steam.

Evaluation of the current scenario for Tap Project the gaming industry and the blockchain ecosystem.

From what we’ve seen there are many gaming projects, but we are currently the only ones that are focused on converting in-game currency to cryptocurrency, we’ve stayed away from gaming skins, that is something the platform does not do. The Tap Project has grown significantly over the course of the year. In less than 10 months we’ve managed to achieve what most projects have not, and that started with getting our conceptual alpha in the hands of our users, community and contributors. We want to ensure we disrupt the current gaming market and put it back in the hands of the gamers. With microtransactions ruling the playing field and gamers having to spend more and more money to play, the Tap Project looks to be the front runner truly provide gamers the opportunity to earn while playing. We don’t intend to letup on the gas and we are looking forward to an amazing 2018 full of growth and partnerships.

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