Interview with QUOINE CEO and Co-Founder Mike Kayamori ($QASH)

This time I had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and Co-Founder of QUOINE. The interview will be focused on LIQUID platform.

How would you describe the main pillars of the project?

Let’s talk about the LIQUID platform. Our LIQUID platform consists of two pillars: one is the World Book and the other is Prime Brokerage.

The World Book connects major global exchanges, and also our white label exchanges, into an aggregated order book. So any person, any institution, any trader who wants to trade any token will be able to access the platform with the highest liquidity levels. Typically, a trader would have to open an account on many other exchanges to access more liquidity pools. By using the LIQUID platform, they will have access to all of our 17 connected exchanges with one account.

For example, if you are in Singapore you cannot sign up for a US exchange, you can use the LIQUID platform and this will provide the liquidity from US exchanges that we are connected to. If a trader wanted to trade the Singapore dollar for ETH there would be low liquidity in comparison to other more liquid pairs such as USD/ETH or EURO/ETH. Because we connect to a European exchange and there is a EURO/ETH trading pair, we can convert that in real time and allow the person in Singapore to buy ETH in SGD with similar levels of liquidity applicable for the EURO/ETH pair. Therefore, if there is a token that QUOINE provides, users can buy that token in their own national currency and not have to worry about liquidity issues. That is the World Book.

The other LIQUID platform pillar is the Prime Brokerage. This provides credit and direct market access to institutional investors that require specific services. From a token participant perspective, the LIQUID platform now has an ICO platform — ICO Mission Control, which enables ICO participation in a secure manner to help grow the new crypto economy.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

We have a world-class team. We have a good, diverse team across three offices. Most of our senior management team came from banking. We believe cryptocurrency and tokens will achieve mainstream adoption. There is going to be an intersection of these early, ideology-driven cryptocurrency advocates and institutional investors and Wall Street. We are right in the middle. This means we need a management team that has worked in mainstream finance. That is why our team have extensive financial experience. We have a robust, diverse team that have lots of experience from top tier global banks. Safety, security, governance and compliance are our top priorities.

We built QUOINE because we were people that built exchanges for former banks, such as bond exchanges, commodity exchanges, forex exchanges and more. We have built exchanges in the past, and that is why we can and are bringing expert knowledge to build the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This is all possible because of our team experience in building global exchanges in the past.

Thinking about the future, do you have any roadmap with relevant upgrades or partnerships?

We will launch our unified LIQUID platform some time mid-year. The Prime Brokerage services we will launch towards the end of the year. This means, by the end of the year or early next year, the two pillars of the LIQUID Platform will be complete. We have many interesting partnerships that we will be sharing when the time is right.

What’s the added value of QASH in comparison with other competitors?

The LIQUID platform is connected to other exchanges, so going forward the LIQUID platform will be connected to liquidity partners such as GBX. Other companies that want to start a crypto exchange can do it with us through white label partnerships. The QASH token will be a utility token that can be used for settlements, for example, paying for transaction fees and using it for collateral. All of these payments will be using the QASH token and it will also be used on other exchanges as well.

What are the use cases you are looking to cover?

Use cases include paying for transaction fees, collateral, leverage/margin fees, money transfer, as a medium of exchange, and more…

How are you aiming to provide scalability to your service?

The LIQUID platform is a centralised exchange. Over time we will bring in decentralised elements. We have a powerful matching engine that can process one million transactions a second. We comply with local regulators — currently this is only possible if you are centralised. Because we are centralised, we can scale. We plan to increase processing time of transactions from one million transactions per second to three million in the near future.

Evaluation of the current scenario for QASH and the blockchain industry.

The blockchain industry will continue to grow. In the next couple of years, it is going to go mainstream. Many companies will offer tokens, and the token economy will grow and prosper. Our QASH token and QASH Blockchain will be a key component of the growth of the blockchain fintech industry. I see QASH becoming a top 5 market cap cryptocurrency in 3–5 years.

Thanks for your time

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