Interview with NEO team ($NEO)

  1. NEO transaction capacity is already 1000tps+ single core on MainNet. Other projects claiming similar speed do not have a production ready product.
  2. Projects claiming “millions of tps” are using sharding / state channels. These technologies are just as easily applied to NEO.
  3. Transactions are free.
  4. Consensus algorithm never create branches. A transaction is 100% final after the first confirmation.
  5. Smart Contracts can be written in C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, Go, Kotlin.
  6. Smart Contract deployment fee serve as an extra protection layer against ”trash data” and scam projects.
  7. Very different focus, Ethereum wants to build a network for unstoppable applications, NEO wants to build a network for smart economy (adhere to legislation).



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Crypto Rand

Crypto Rand


Investor & Trader. CEO of Blockground Capital. Based between Andorra and Bangkok.