Interview with Justin Sun, founder of TRON ($TRX)

This time I had the pleasure to interview Justin Sun. Founder of TRON and chosen by Forbes Asia for the 30 under 30 list.

You can buy TRON at Binance.

  1. How would you describe the main pillars of the project?

For TRON, I think it includes 3 pillars, technical team, supporters’ community and market.

Now we have a really good technical team which leads by Lucien Chen. Lucien served in many first-tier Internet companies, such as Netease (NASDAQ: NTES) youdao, Tencent(00700.HK), Qihoo 360(NASDAQ:QIHU) and SM search (Alibaba P8 +). He has rich experience in big data, advertising algorithms, DMP system, BT system, CTR platform, high concurrent system framework design and cryptography. In the near future, we will involve more excellent developers from USA, Russia, South Korea and other countries.

For supporters’ community, the number of holders of TRX is over 300,000, we have a strong supporters’ community from all over the world, including USA, Australia, South Korea, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Netherland, Belgium, Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong, China etc.

For the market, online entertainment is a huge market with more than 1 trillion USD. I have worked in blockchain and online entertainment fields both, I really know that online entertainment needs blockchain technology to provide more safe, transparent, effective, cross-platform to make the users’ experience better.

2. What’s the role of the tokens in the Tron project?

TRON protocol is the blockchain entertainment content ecosystem, in which TRX, TRON’s token, is circulated. Its native economic system enables an unprecedented one-on-one interaction between providers of digital entertainment content and ordinary users. Therefore, content providers will no longer need to pay high channel fees to centralized platforms like Google Play and Apple’s Appstore. Also, providers of content such as texts, pictures, videos, and broadcasts, will break the curse that popularity and hits cannot make profits. With the strengths of social network and value network, TRON is committed to ecological prosperity. In relation to any community and free market economy, an incentive system that fairly and reasonably reflects the contributions made by participants is fundamental. TRON will attempt to accurately and transparently measure and motivate relevant participants and contributors using digital assets for the first time, thus enabling this content ecosystem with TRX.

3. For now, TRX is listed on LIqui and HitBTC, are Bithumb, Bittrex or Poloniex on the horizon?

Now TRX is listed on Liqui, HitBTC, Binance Gatecoin and EtherDelta, in the near future, TRX will be listed on most of the major exchanges. The team is working hard on getting on bigger exchanges.

4. About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

I am the former Chief Representative of Ripple in Greater China and also the CEO of leading audio content community with more than 10 million users — Peiwo APP. I know the things about blockchain and online entertainment.

Lucien Chen is very professional and has lots of experiences with big data and cryptography with longtime Tencent and Alibaba experience.

Besides, we have lots of partners and investors like BITMAIN, Qtum, FBG Capital, Bixin and Peiwo APP. They can provide technical, fund, and application scene support to TRON. It will make a big difference.

5. Thinking about the future, do you have any roadmap for relevant upgrades?

Yes. The roadmap is on the official website, there are six stages, Exodus, Odyssey, Great Voyage, Apollo Star, Trek, Eternity. For now, we plan to make Peiwo APP compatible with TRX and complete the development of our own main chain. After the own main chain is done, we will optimize the network based different kinds of online entertainments applications.

6. What’s the added value of Tron in comparison with other competitors?

It will be applied to the entertainment field, the value of per token is very promising. Here are the four advantages:

Data liberation: on a free and uncontrolled basis, the contents including characters, pictures, audios and videos may be unloaded, stored and spread.

Content enabling: digital assets are obtained through the provision and spread of contents, thus economically stimulating the enabling of content ecology.

Personal fundraising: an individual may freely distribute digital assets in the form of fundraising, while others may enjoy the benefits and services brought due to the continuous development of data contributors by purchasing digital assets.

Infrastructure: with distributed digital assets will be supported with a complete set of decentralized infrastructures, including distributed exchange, autonomous gaming, forecast, and game system.

7. Valuation of the current scenario for Tron and the digital entertainment industry.

The market cap of TRON now is just $134,968,961, and the market value of online entertainment is over 10 trillion USD.

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