Interview with Jack Lu — Founder and CEO of Wanchain ($WAN)

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4 min readJul 13, 2018


How would you describe the main pillars of the project?

The current ecosystem is comprised of several scattered blockchain ecosystems that operate in silos. Bitcoin started this revolution, then Ethereum came with smart contract capabilities. Wanchain’s technology will improve on these technologies in spades by implementing a blockchain ecosystem with three features that, together, create exponentially powerful network. First, Wanchain is using its cross-chain technology to become the connective tissue that allows all the disparate blockchains of the world to connect, exchange value, exchange information, and exchange assets. Wanchain also offers privacy-enabled transactions using ring signatures and secure multi-party computing. On top of these two key pillars, Wanchain is a programmable blockchain ecosystem with the use of smart contracts, which can also be privacy-enabled.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

Since the company’s inception, Wanchain’s community has been our lifeblood. We have an incredibly engaged community, both online and offline in cities globally, made up of over 200,000 followers. This community continues to provide feedback on our technology and business, and some talented community members have even started joining our team in various roles. Additionally, we have a world class team of developers, a top-notch global business and marketing team, and are continually adding to the team. Our employees can be described as people who have high integrity, maintain a strong moral value, and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Thinking about the future, do you have a roadmap with relevant upgrades or partnerships?

Wanchain is approaching one of the most significant milestones for not only our company but the industry as a whole. We released our first platform, version 1.0, in early 2018 and have since been working vigorously on our 2.0 launch. Our 2.0 launch is our first true cross-chain implementation with another blockchain, specifically Ethereum. Later in 2018 we will also be releasing our 3.0 platform which will complete the integration with both Ethereum and Bitcoin. We have also been hard at work on the partnership front. We recently announced exciting partnerships in order to grow our capabilities and global footprint with companies like 0xcert, Bluzelle, and PundiX.

What’s the added value of WAN in comparison with other competitors?

With our 2.0 launch, Wanchain will be the first and only interoperable blockchain with secure multi-party computing. We allow projects and developers to build on a platform where they can not only host their ICO, but also build a platform or dApps that can interact across multiple blockchains instead of operating in a silo. Additionally, Wanchain offers privacy features not offered on other platforms, which is applicable to a myriad of use cases. Finally, WanLabs, our internal startup accelerator, allows projects to gain access to a plethora of resources including but not limited to: engineering, tokenomics, legal, marketing, and advisory to help ensure a successful ICO and product launch.

What are the use cases you are looking to cover?

Wanchain’s vision is to connect all the world’s digital assets by connecting all of the disparate blockchain platforms that currently cannot communicate with each other. The most obvious use case of this technology is the financial world, where the use cases are virtually unlimited. This technology will allow for other uses including decentralized exchange, decentralized lending in crypto or fiat, multi-coin ICO, multi-asset management, and cryptocurrency payment. In addition, Wanchain’s startup accelerator, WanLabs, is working to grow our ecosystem with high-quality projects that fit with our strategy and vision. The use cases for our platform include supply chain, healthcare, identity, logistics, and many more.

How are you aiming to provide scalability to your service?

Wanchain engineers are constantly working on innovative solutions to scale our platform. Wanchain’s private blockchains are what we see as a first step in a widely scalable platform, providing the ability to host companies and enterprises on our platform with access to public, private, and consortium chains. For example, if a global car manufacturer was tracking supply chain data on the blockchain, they would likely use a private blockchain for information security. However, if the car manufacturer’s parts supplier needed to be alerted of a malfunction in their equipment, that alert would be triggered to the public blockchain, allowing the parts supplier to trigger a new shipment. This interconnectivity of blockchains is what Wanchain is working to enable.

Evaluation of the current scenario for WAN and the blockchain industry.

Wanchain is heads down working vigorously to build our technology, grow our technical and business teams, expand our global online and offline communities, and lay the foundation for the realization of our long-term vision and strategy. The industry is still in a nascent phase, and we feel fortunate to be a leader in an industry that is surely going to change and improve the way the world operates.

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