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How would you describe the problem that your project solves?

ClearPoll addresses a real world problem of inaccurate or misrepresented public opinion data. In recent times, the media, governments and corporations have conducted polls to support their narrative or they have censored unfavourable polls. ClearPoll gives everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard, and uses blockchain technology to decentralise the votes and poll results. ClearPoll votes are stored on the blockchain and cannot be manipulated. Poll results are also secured on the blockchain and every historical poll ever completed will be 100% publicly viewable, for free. We’ve come up with a great way to measure, record and share real, genuine public opinion.

What’s the role of the tokens in the ClearPoll project?

POLL tokens can be exchanged for additional services on the ClearPoll network. Those services include a range of great market research and promotional possibilities. Sponsored polls for market research, access to advanced data metrics on historical polls, live media polls, advertising and more. There is tremendous value in the data that ClearPoll brings. We can provide valuable snapshots into voter demographics, plus a lot of great tools to not only learn about your audience, but engage them in brand new ways. All of these services require POLL tokens to be exchanged. And, best of all, we’ve got some big news about another major use for POLL tokens as a currency, which will be announced on December 1st. Keep an eye on our social media for the announcement.

For now POLL is listed on some exchanges like Cryptopia and HitBTC. Are Bittrex, Poloniex or Binance on the horizon?

We have applied for the Binance community coin of the month promotion. We think they’ll nominate us, which will give our fans a chance to vote for us to be listed there. We are also in talks with Kucoin and hope to be listed there soon. Cryptopia is our most recent listing and our volume is very strong — it is a great exchange for us.

About the team and advisors, what are your strengths?

If I had to sum up our team as a whole, I would say we’re big thinkers. We have a great mix of creative and technical experience, and our advisors have awesome connections we can use to bring ClearPoll to a wide audience. Many of our team have direct experience developing and launching very successful apps, with millions of users. Every single one of our team believes ClearPoll can change the world. Our strength is in our ability to think big, then break down a big idea into an achievable project, assigning the perfect team member to each task along the way. We value transparency and integrity above all else, and we don’t take shortcuts.

Thinking about the future, do you have any roadmap with relevant upgrades?

The ClearPoll Alpha is due to be released on December 15. This will be a huge milestone in the development process. The alpha will allow users to create poll topics, vote on polls, view polls results, share poll results and a lot more. We will then be adding features regularly, as well as processing user feedback, right through until the final launch of ClearPoll in may 2018. We have a lot of experience in the area of app design and development, so we know what it takes to deliver the best final product possible, and we know how to market it.

What’s the added value of ClearPoll in comparison with other competitors?

There are plenty of blockchain voting projects going around. We are not focused on elections. We are focused on measuring and communicating public opinion. That is, we want to know what people really think, and we want people to be able to have their voice heard loud and clear, with the tap of a button. If you have a smartphone and an opinion, you’ll be able to use ClearPoll to have your say, and share your votes socially. A popular poll will provide compelling data to help achieve real change in society. As well as being more social and public opinion focused than other voting projects, ClearPoll is also intended to be fun and enjoyable to use. We expect a lot of the polls will be in the categories of entertainment, sports or current events. So, in summary, ClearPoll is for everyone, and not just for election day.

Valuation of the current scenario for ClearPoll?

We’ve experienced an unbelievably positive response to the concept of ClearPoll. During ICO, we reached our hard cap with ease. ClearPoll has the ability to change the way we deal with big issues. We’re seeing an increasing division in society and we think that we can provide a glimpse into what makes us different, and more importantly, what makes us human. There is great value in this potential, and naturally the success of ClearPoll will result in a healthy business and constant increase in the demand for POLL tokens. ClearPoll does not intend to replace traditional voting systems, we are solely focused on giving everybody an equal voice across a wide range of topics. Lately we have been gaining a lot of interest from influencers, blockchain experts and fintech specialists, and they are starting to understand what we have here — a tremendous opportunity to introduce blockchain technology to a mainstream audience, by solving a real world problem. We can promise you, we’ve got big things ahead. How can we learn more about ClearPoll? We’re all over social media and we respond to all our supporters. We’re available in Telegram for live chat every day and that would be the best way to ask any questions you might have. Of course, you should also check out our website at

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