Interview with Cindicator CEO ($CND)

Cindicator is developing Hybrid Intelligence, a combination of the intellect of humans and machines. Imagine, for example, that you’re trying to predict what’s going to happen to the price of Bitcoin. Will it go up or down?

At Cindicator we would start by posting this question in our mobile and web app, which brings together over 100,000 diverse global analysts. They try to answer these questions to the best of their knowledge. If they get it right they win points, and if they don’t they lose points. At the end of every month, the best ones receive rewards. But most are motivated by something other than money — competition and learning. This community is the first pillar — it’s the human part of Hybrid Intelligence.

A lot of data is generated this way. Of course it’s impossible to process it all manually. We deploy different machine learning algorithms and a neural network to identify and remove biases from these analysts’ answers and calculate the trust weighting for each of the analysts. This stack of technologies is the machine part of Hybrid Intelligence. This data and the team of data scientists that manages it are the second pillar.

Finally, after running these algorithms, we get an answer. Let’s say that Bitcoin is going to reach $10,000 by a certain date with a certain degree of likelihood. This indicator would be an example of the analytical products that we produce. You also need to know how to actually profit from these tools. That’s the task for our token holders. They are the traders who receive indicators. They’re not just passive consumers — we co-create our products together. They are the third pillar so to speak.

Eventually, all three groups — analysts, data scientists, and traders — will merge in a single token ecosystem powered by the CND token.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

I founded Cindicator in 2015 with two co-founders. We all came from the tech startup world, so we first developed this company as a traditional B2B startup. We developed a collective forecasting app that was focused on traditional financial markets. Soon a community began to emerge around our projects. We added data scientists to process the unique data that we were accumulating. Traders joined us to use and apply this data.

The token sale was a turning point, after which our team grew really fast. We now have a team of over 50 talented individuals in several countries. Each member of the team has unique strengths. Together we function as a collective mind. Equally important is our community of over 100,000 analysts and over 14,000 token holders, of which about 5,000 also use our products. We all have one big goal: create a Hybrid Intelligence that could solve some of humanity’s most pressing issues.

Thinking about the future, do you have a roadmap with planned upgrades or partnerships?

Our roadmap is public. We first presented the overall vision during the token sale, and in January we posted the roadmap for 2018. In terms of partnerships, we just announced the Symbiotic Network. It’s a major initiative that will unite all like-minded token economies. We already have three participants and more are coming.

What’s the added value of Cindicator in comparison with other competitors?

The problem that we’re tackling is decision-making in situations with high uncertainty. You want to do something important, but don’t know what’s going to happen. Should I buy Bitcoin or sell? A lot of companies are trying to improve decision-making. Some startups approach this by crunching big data. Others are applying neural networks. Some solutions fit well with what we do, for example different data visualisations like the ones being developed by our partner Svandis.

Where Cindicator really adds value is in its unique approach to utilising all advantages gained through the combination of the collective mind of people and AI, generating valuable unbiased data for the decision-making process. As I said, our community of analysts makes a lot of predictions that are then enhanced with AI. So we create products that combine the best of how people think and how machines process data. We as humans are great at creative and lateral thinking, but we’re all emotional and most of us are biased. Feelings and prejudices cloud our judgements. The machines can reduce this bias, and computers are great at working with huge volumes of data. If we put the two together, the result is high accuracy indicators for future events. Symbiosis is one of the most efficient forms of existence. At Cindicator we are creating a tokenised symbiotic network to generate unique value for all participants.

What are the use cases you are looking to cover?

Right now we are focused on asset management in crypto and financial markets. We’re working on products for different investment strategies that we think have the highest potential right now. First, it’s discretionary trading. This is where you manually make a decision based on different factors. You invest for the short term. We’ve recently completed an experiment for traders using our products. Together we generated about a dozen new strategies for using Hybrid Intelligence indicators.

Another strategy is long term investment, mostly in token sales. That’s a longer horizon — months or, more likely, years. For this strategy we are developing a new product, Token Sale Review. It works like this: first our community of analysts suggests interesting token sales. Our team then picks the most promising projects. We post different questions about them to our community, whose answers are then processed by AI to create dozens of indicators on every important aspect of each token sale.

Hybrid Intelligence as a technology is very flexible. It could be applied to a lot of different problems, basically anywhere where you need to make an important decision and don’t know what the future circumstances will be. That could be politics, governance, R&D investments, scientific research, and many many other situations.

How are you aiming to provide scalability to your service?

Scalability is not a relevant issue for Cindicator. We now use blockchain to create an internal digital economy and distribute our product in a unique way.

To understand the mechanics of our model, think of it as membership in a private club that unlocks access to a unique and limited product. We have created several product levels, each one requiring that traders hold a certain number of tokens to access these products. This solves the potential issue of devaluing indicators. When millions of traders have the same information, it eliminates its advantage. Our ecosystem limits the number of traders and funds that can access indicators, because it’s impossible to issue more tokens. By increasing the value of our products, we create healthy competition among our target clients — funds and traders — motivating them to contribute more intellectual assets to the ecosystem.

We might shift to different pricing models, like paying with tokens. It would still be a fairly small number of transactions. Even when we unite all users in a single platform, it wouldn’t cause any scalability issues. We just don’t need a Visa-scale TPS.

What is your assessment of the current scenario for Cindicator and the blockchain industry?

Blockchain is just the first iteration of distributed ledger technologies. It’s not the last one. The biggest innovations that came out of this invention are decentralisation and digital assets. Just think about Cindicator. Before blockchain we’d have to have some kind of salesforce to sell our product. Or some kind of software as a service, which still relies on sales — just a different type. Now our clients don’t just buy our token to access our products — they are all long-term partners. And the beauty is that they’re aligned with us. They work with us to create even better products.

This will have major impact on business models, product distribution, and resource allocation. I think token economies, a new type of network organisation, are the best structure for the challenges that the world will face over the next few decades.

The next big step for Cindicator is the Symbiotic Network. Through that initiative we’re gathering an alliance of partners. We’re looking for teams that could create synergies with our ecosystem. These organisations already understand the value of uniting and sharing resources and knowledge. Together we could work to solve these future challenges. That’s a big trend for the blockchain industry as a whole.

About Mike Brusov:

Mike Brusov is the сo-founder and CEO at Cindicator; he is a data-driven entrepreneur. Mike has founded several technology companies and has 9+ years expertise in BigData, Blockchain, Machine Learning and FinTech IT products for B2C & B2B markets as a founder and product owner.

Cindicator created the unique way of conducting the Token Sale which helped them to form the ecosystem of more than 100 000 of people: efficiency of Hybrid Intelligence is powered by the symbiosis of minds of CND Token Holders aligned with the idea. Cindicator built up a globally decentralized group of people with different key competencies.

Mike is also a co-organiser and fellow at the Startup Leadership Program — the global organization for founders of IT startups.

About Cindicator:

Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence technology is based on a unique ecosystem of 100,000+ decentralised analysts whose insights are transformed by AI into analytical products for effective asset management and decision-making. Сindicator’s founders envision a future where the collective intelligence of analysts, data scientists, and investors is leveraged by AI to solve humanity’s most pressing issues.

Founded in 2015, the Cindicator team has walked the classic path from a fintech startup with a direct B2B business model to an effectively functioning and partly decentralized networked organization with an internal economy of token holders.

In September 2017 Cindicator successfully held a Token Sale using a White List methodology developed by its team, which has since been widely adopted as an industry standard. After conducting precise internal analysis, they accepted $15m out of $500m in offers. The company carefully selected 4,507 active, diverse and intelligent developers, entrepreneurs, data scientists, and traders from 33,449 detailed applications to build the core of its tokenized community.

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