Interview with ByBit’s CEO

  • There’s no overloads on our platform and no server downtime. We know how frustrating these things can be for traders and that’s why we have built our platform to be an exchange that people can actually trade on without having these worries. We do this by offering a state of the art matching platform offering 100k TPS, low latency (1ms), hot patches, and non-stop maintenance. In fact, our site has never been down for maintenance since we went live.
  • Central to our philosophy is that the client always comes first, and so to these ends, we offer multilingual 24/7 customer service live chat and a directly contactable account manager for all of our clients.
  • The safety of our clients’ funds is our top priority. That is why we use a hierarchical deterministic cold wallet system to store all funds, and digital asset collections and withdrawals are done through offline signatures.
  • Although offline withdrawals can be a slower process, we believe safety should never be compromised. We also know however that regular withdrawals are important to our clients, which is why we have invested more in our human resources to allow withdrawals 3 times a day.
  • We are offering trading competitions like never before seen in the industry. Our current Bybit Japan Trading Competition allows any trader from around the world to pit themselves against the best traders that Japan has to offer. We’re offering a whopping prize pool of up to $500,000USD. I think this is a clear sign to our clients that we mean business. You can bank on us to have a fun and safe trading experience, and if you play your cards right, win big! And this is just the start for us, in the future we’ll make our competitions even bigger and better.
  • Our affiliate backend and sub-affiliate system is also unprecedented in the industry. We offer up to 30% on trading fee commission cashback, and affiliates can also receive an additional 10% commission of the commission from their sub-affiliates. There is also a daily settlement for commission withdrawals, and an affiliate system that guarantees detailed ROI reports. On top of this, every affiliate will be assigned to a professional BD manager, ensuring they have one-to-one guidance through every step of the process.



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Crypto Rand

Crypto Rand


Investor & Trader. CEO of Blockground Capital. Based between Andorra and Bangkok.