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5 min readMay 6, 2024


In today’s bulletin, we are covering:

  • Surfing the Market, with analysis about Mid Caps Indexand Big Caps Index
  • The Open Network ($TON) is under the spotlight.
  • Short article about Patience is the name of the game
  • Our selection of the best Gems on X

After few shakeouts and a long consolidation seems like the Mid Caps Is back to action and ready. Breaching up on the daily a 2 months downtrend resistance after printing a triple bottom. Primed scenario, I’m really confident on the upcoming weeks

The Big Caps Index also approaching to the main channel resistance, not enough gas (volume) to push for the breakout, but on the right direction:

The Open Network $TON

Today we are setting the spotlight on The Open Network (TON).

TON is a decentralized open layer-1 blockchain originally designed by Telegram that utilizes the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model. Is currently driven by the TON Foundation.

One of the particularities of this blockchain is that it operates on a heterogeneous multi-level structure giving it efficiency and scalability thanks to its flexible architecture that theoretically allows it to grow, with no loss of performance.

That’s possible because it’s built on the principle of sharding or segmentation. Shards are the different subnets within the same blockchain that divide the network into smaller ones, each one with a specific purpose preventing the accumulation of unverified blocks which should help reduce the workload and favour speed.

Toncoin (TON) is the native token of the project used for everything build on The Open Network ecosystem, it’s fully integrated and its use cases are:

  • Transaction fees
  • Payment services
  • Network security (staking)
  • Cross-chain bridge fees
  • Governance program
  • DNS purchase
  • Maintenance (validators)

For tokenomics; the total supply of $TON is 5 Billion tokens and it has currently 68% in circulation with a market cap of $20.82 Billion dollars positioning it in the rank 9.

The TON project faces heavy competition as there are multiple functional L1 blockchains fighting to get well positioned in the crypto space at the moment.

This one carries a backpack with it’s complicated history with the SEC winning a trial against Telegram years back and it has been rebranding a few times since it started as Gram.

Despite some setbacks since it was created in 2019 it has managed to survive this long and has gained recent attention after the announcement of Pantera Capital investing in it to sum up along with its other investors that funded the project in previous rounds.

Patience is the name of the game

Patience is the greatest virtue of an investor, both in times of decline and in times of growth. Join me in analyzing how patience affects our operations and why it is the key to success in this game called the Market.

As Warren Buffet said, in the market, money is transferred from the impatient to the patient”. And this perfectly describes how we lose money.

A very common mistake is wanting to see results instantly after making a trade, as if the market were waiting for our decision to move, and moreover, to move in our direction!

Often, this comes from a lack of prior planning, where we do not consider a price fluctuation range or time frame, so without this in our plan, it is logical that we become impatient.

Patience is a great indicator of how well we have planned an investment, as it allows us to sleep soundly while it develops, even without showing results at the beginning.

And it not only applies to situations where we see a loss and cannot bear that red in our account, which leads us to sell in areas where perhaps if we had cash, we would be buying.

It also manifests in uptrends, where we become impatient to sell before the objectively analyzed targets (this is because if they are planned before taking aposition, we do not have the emotional factor influencing).

Even, on the other side of the market, when shorting, we must have patience for waiting for the right moment to sell, allowing us to make snipper entries that make the difference.

We can say that even in moments of calm, we suffer from impatience, watching as other assets print profits and ours don’t. Opportunity cost, FOMO, etc., are emotions that we begin to experience and that lead us to make bad decisions.

Patience is a habit that is cultivated over time, experience, and a lot of decision-making when it comes to knowing how we are going to feel and what we are going to do about it.

Patience is a form of action.

The trader who manages to master patience also masters timing, as being patient when waiting for a good entry allows us to obtain a better price, lower risk, and greater profits, in addition to the self-esteem benefit that is so important when trading.

Be aware that you will lose patience at some point in the position, and the key is to have decided in advance what to do if this happens, so as not to leave room for action to it and to be able to execute the plan as we designed it.

Patience is one of the greatest virtues of a human being, in all aspects of life, and markets are not the exception, in fact, they are the best reflection of it.

Patience pays off!

Long way to go on mass adoption

RWA Potential

Don’t sleep on this market, lots of opportunities to come, see you next week!



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