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Bitcoin and Crypto Market Updates (Nov 27th)

Relaxed weekend as usual. Bitcoin tried another minor attempt of breakout over the main $38,000 resistance but is lacking steam for now. As you can see down in the chart, the Bitcoin volume has been decreasing since the initial move in early November. Which clearly shows the current fear and indecision around the market. The breakout caught a lot of people sidelined, and after a TWO years bear market everyone is playing with caution, which is fully understandable. Anyway, so far, the main uptrend support remains active and defending. But until we don’t cross the $38,000 range, no full-party mode.

A similar scenario for the Big Caps Index which has been rejected again over the main resistance on the $560 range. But continues respecting the local uptrend support. As you can see in the chart, facing a super strong resistance. For almost 2 years, the price has been trapped within this range. The recent pumps have been really positive but this is just a sneak peek of the real bullish reversal which has not been confirmed yet:

Keeping an eye on MATIC, the fork is tomorrow while the price is at a really critical level… Respecting the main horizontal support while squeezing against the local downtrend resistance. A breakout here would trigger a new bullish wave towards $1,2. Waiting for confirmation for now:

Changpeng Zhao’s Legal Saga Unfolds: Sentencing Uncertainty and Flight Risk Concerns

Changpeng Zhao, better known as CZ, founder of Binance, is navigating a complex legal landscape following his guilty plea to violating U.S. Anti-Money Laundering regulations. While a $4.3 billion settlement was reached with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), uncertainties loom as CZ faces potential sentencing and challenges related to his residency and potential extradition.

Despite CZ’s guilty plea and resignation as Binance CEO, recent court filings suggest that his legal troubles are far from over. Expected to be sentenced in February 2024, CZ is currently contesting the government’s attempts to prevent his return to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while awaiting sentencing with his family.

Legal experts anticipate a 12–18 month sentence for CZ, but recent DOJ filings hint at the possibility of a harsher punishment. The outcome of his case holds significance for the crypto industry, with experts suggesting that the DOJ’s success in deterring money laundering in the crypto space could impact CZ’s sentence and future regulatory actions.

As CZ’s legal drama unfolds, parallels emerge with other prominent figures in the crypto space facing legal challenges. Kraken, another major cryptocurrency exchange, is actively defending against allegations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Meanwhile, former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried remains in detention, awaiting sentencing.

Amid the legal turbulence, the cryptocurrency sector experiences both challenges and positive developments, including political shifts in Argentina favouring Bitcoin and ongoing discussions about a Bitcoin spot ETF. The industry’s resilience is evident in continued investments in blockchain protocols, such as Blast L2, despite market uncertainties.

The evolving legal landscape surrounding CZ, coupled with global developments in the crypto sector, underscores the ongoing regulatory complexities and uncertainties in the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin Transaction Oops: Sender Pays Record $3 Million in Fees

In a costly mishap, a Bitcoin sender set a new record by paying an eye-watering $3 million in transaction fees for a single transaction. The sender intended to transfer 139.42 BTC, valued at around $5.1 million, but due to a mistake, 83.64 BTC was swallowed up in fees, leaving the recipient with only 55.77 BTC, approximately $2 million. This incident stands as the largest transaction fee paid in Bitcoin’s 14-year history.

The transaction, processed by Bitcoin miner AntPool in block 818087, appears to be an individual error rather than a broader market impact. The sender’s wallet was created just minutes before the transfer, adding to the peculiar nature of the incident. While Bitcoin transaction fees have seen a surge recently, driven by heightened activity around Bitcoin Ordinals, this particular case seems to be a result of a costly mistake rather than broader market trends.

JPMorgan Warns of Potential Downward Pressure on Bitcoin as Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) Faces ETF Transition

JPMorgan, a global investment bank, issues a cautionary note on the potential approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), expressing concerns about the impact on Bitcoin prices. The bank highlights that a significant number of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) shares have been purchased in the secondary market at a considerable discount to net asset value (NAV) this year, signaling anticipation of the trust’s conversion into an ETF. The bank estimates that approximately $2.7 billion could exit GBTC, potentially exerting severe downward pressure on Bitcoin prices if these funds leave the crypto space entirely.

JPMorgan’s analysts, led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, foresee speculative investors capitalizing on profits as GBTC transforms into an ETF, arbitraging away the discount to NAV. While acknowledging the possibility of some funds shifting into other Bitcoin instruments, particularly anticipated spot Bitcoin ETFs post-SEC approval, the bank maintains a cautionary stance, emphasizing that the balance of risks for Bitcoin prices is skewed to the downside. The analysts also highlight the potential impact of GBTC’s fee, suggesting that significantly more money could exit if the fee is not sharply lowered post-ETF conversion.

The Hard Learned Skill of Profit-Taking

Greetings, fellow trading and crypto enthusiasts! The exhilarating world of trading is not just a dance with numbers and charts; it’s also a psychological journey filled with emotions, challenges, and the crucial art of securing life-changing profits. Join me as we explore the psychological aspects that can impact your ability to take profits and, more importantly, to keep them.

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Its Impact:

  • Overcoming the Greed-Fueled FOMO:

The Fear of Missing Out can be a formidable foe, especially when prices are soaring. It often prompts traders to hold onto assets for too long, hoping for even more significant gains. Overcoming this emotion requires discipline and the ability to recognize that securing profits is a victory in itself.

  • Celebrating the multiple “x” Wins:

When an asset hits that magical multiple “x”’ mark, it’s time to celebrate and, more importantly, to act. The fear of missing out on additional gains may cloud your judgment, but remember, securing profits at this stage ensures you’ve already won a significant battle.

Embracing Rational Decision-Making:

  • Avoiding Emotional Attachments:

Emotional attachments to assets can hinder your ability to make rational decisions. Remember, it’s okay to part ways with a token or coin that has served its purpose. Profits secured are your trophies, not assets to be emotionally attached to.

  • Balancing Optimism and Realism:

While optimism is a trait shared by many successful traders, it’s crucial to balance it with realism. Setting realistic profit targets and sticking to them helps in preventing the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies market volatility.

Life-Changing Money and the Psychological Hurdles:

  • The Psychological Impact of Windfall Profits:

Making life-changing money through crypto trading is a dream many harbor. However, when that dream becomes a reality, it can trigger anxiety, self-doubt, and a reluctance to act. Acknowledge these emotions, and don’t let them paralyze your decision-making.

  • Balancing Rationality and Emotionality:

Striking the right balance between rational decision-making and acknowledging your emotions is an ongoing challenge. Embrace your success, but also embrace the responsibility that comes with it. The ability to manage both aspects is the hallmark of a seasoned trader.

Protecting Your Profits for a Bright Future:

  • Defying the Urge to Reinvest Immediately:

The thrill of success might tempt you to reinvest your profits hastily. Defy this urge. Take a step back, evaluate the market, and make informed decisions rather than emotional reactions.

  • Financial Freedom Requires Financial Discipline:

Achieving financial freedom through trading is a noble goal, but it requires financial discipline. This means resisting the temptation to risk it all again and, instead, making strategic moves that align with your overall financial objectives.

In conclusion, navigating the psychological landscape of trading, especially crypto, demands self-awareness, discipline, and a nuanced understanding of your emotions. Celebrate your victories, learn from your experiences, and always remember that securing profits is not just a financial triumph but a psychological one.

Happy trading, and see you next time!



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